Way We Do is cloud-based SOP Software that enables you to create, maintain and actively use a Business Operations Manual. Provide step-by-step work instructions, training materials, policies and procedures to your team, at any time from any location.

Who Is Way We Do For?

Way We Do is used by all industries such as accountants, bookkeepers, cleaners, auto service workshops, financial planners, construction companies, retail stores, landscape architects, private investigation companies, government organizations and many, many more.  Whether you employ 1 or 1000 people, in a full time, part-time, or casual capacity, Way We Do is a great fit for your business.

  • What are benefits the Way We Do?
  • Systemize your business so it can run without you
  • Onboard new team members so they are productive sooner
  • Compliance sign-off of policies and procedures.Raise standards and reduce errors in projets, tasks, audits, ad other day to day work actiites
  • Retain knowledge within the business when people leave
  • Capture what needs to be done in the business when key people are away
  • Franchise a business to teach franchisees and their teams how to successfully run it
  • Prepare the business for sale and increase its saleable value