Loading Dock Safety Assessments

Loading Dock Safety Assessments

Loading Dock Safety is a critical aspect of workplace safety management. All loading docks present potential safety issues that need to be controlled and addressed. 

If overlooked, neglected or mismanaged, loading dock safety hazards may develop into more than just a costly accident. Shared by trucks, forklifts and workers, loading docks are often busy hubs of activity with numerous hazard points that go beyond traffic safety. 

Loading docks are considered high-risk areas of any organisation's operations. Research shows that approximately 25 percent of all reported warehouse injuries occur at loading docks.

Our Five-Step Loading Dock Safety Assessments include:

• Comprehensive Risk Assessment

A loading dock safety assessment at your site is conducted by our experienced consultants in a similar way to that of a loading dock safety audit, except at Proactive Group, our loading dock assessment goes beyond the fundamentals of identifying hazards and issues, to develop a clear and concise action plan for your organisation.

• Site Report

After completing our comprehensive risk assessment, a site report is produced which identifies the present hazards, determines risk levels and presents potential control measures.

• Loading Dock Traffic Management Plan

A comprehensive traffic management plan is prepared specifically to the compliance and safety needs of your loading dock with detailed diagrams, itemised traffic management recommendations and controls to help maximise safety outcomes.

• Supply and Installation

Proactive Group Australia supplies and installs premium loading dock safety products that are compliant with Australian Standards. Your organisation has the option to install the recommended safety products that are presented in the Loading Dock Traffic Management Plan.