2023 Guide to Emergency Warden Identification


Are you wondering what the requirements for identification of fire and evacuation wardens are?  The Australian Standard 'AS 3745-2010 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities' is the guiding authority for all things relating to planning for emergencies in the workplace. This article is a brief rundown of the key points to be aware of when selecting Emergency Warden Identification equipment.

In the event of an emergency it is important to ensure that all members of the Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) are clearly identifiable and the organisational structure is easily recognisable.

To do this, Australian Standards AS 3745-2010 recommends that the following colours are used to identify ECO members:

  • Chief Warden use a White Hat
  • Deputy Chief Warden use a White Hat
  • Communication Officer use a White Hat
  • Floor Wardens use a Yellow Hat
  • Area Wardens use a Yellow Hat
  • Wardens (including fire wardens) use a Red Hat
  • First Aid Officer uses a Green Hat with a White Cross
Fire Warden Hat Colours

For a more in depth look at the roles and responsibilities of Fire Wardens and the Emergency Control Organisation click here to read our guide.

The standard specifies that wardens shall be identified by a least one of the following:

Proactive Group Australia have a range of wardens caps and warden hats/helmets, as well as warden vests and tabards available for the common positions of ECO members. Our warden equipment is designed in compliance with AS 3745-2010 so that you can rest assured that you are selecting the right equipment.

The recommended colours for ECO members, as set out in the Australian Standard, seek to standardise roles and identification and assist with a coordinated approach to Emergency Response. 

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