Prohibited Sign 'No Pedestrian Access'

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Key features include:

This "No Pedestrian Access" sign clearly conveys where pedestrians are not permitted to access. Crafted from either aluminum or poly, the sign is predrilled with holes for easy fixing, ensuring it can be displayed with ease.
  • Complies with AS 1319.
  • Available in various materials and sizes.
    Code Size
    P-SIGN-2503-432LM  600 x 450mm - Metal
    P-SIGN-2503-432LP 600 x 450mm - Poly
    P-SIGN-2503-432LSM 450 x 300mm - Metal
    P-SIGN-2503-432LSP 450 x 300mm - Poly
    P-SIGN-2503-432MM 300 x 225mm - Metal
    P-SIGN-2503-432MP 300 x 225mm - Poly