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Outdoor Stainless Steel Convex Mirrors

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Key features include:

Outdoor stainless steel convex mirrors are recommended for vandal prone areas or situations where projectile objects are a risk.

Designed for all applications where a robust unbreakable mirror is required, including industrial applications such as monitoring machinery where breakage is unacceptable.

Supplied standard with celuka back and wall mounting bracket but has an optional U-bolt kit for pole mounting.

Key Features

  • Vandal prone driveways, carparks and pedestrian walkways.
  • Industrial areas at risk of projectile objects.
  • Warehouses and loading bays where themirror is at risk of being knocked by large machinery.
  • Child Care Centres - observation of children around playgrounds.
  • Five Year Warranty against faulty workmanship and materials.
  • All weather double sealed mirror.
  • Wall fitting standard or 60mm and 75mm U-Bolt Kit.
  • Fully framed mirror with 10mm Celuka rot-proof frame.
  • Mirror face manufactured from .9mm or 1mm 'optical grade' stainless steel.
  • Zinc plated steel fittings.
  • Super strong J-bracket fitting provides superior adjustment and rigidity.
  • (4 hole) mounting - suitable for fixing to flat surfaces.
  • Easy installation - low maintenance.
  • Can be pole mounted with 60mm or 75mm U-Bolt Kit (extra cost)

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