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Indoor Outdoor General Purpose Convex Mirror

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Key features include:

General purpose convex mirror, designed for all indoor applications and sheltered outdoor use. A fully framed mirror with a double sided aluminium laminated frame and fitted with the DuraVision infinitely adjustable Swivel Bracket. The wall fitting is infinitely adjustable to any conceivable angle both vertically and horizontally.

Key features:
  • Suitable for all general applications where a sturdy mirror is required.
  • Warehouse or Industrial use - doorways, pallet racks, forklift areas, conveyors, hoppers.
  • General public areas, drive thru's, banks, shops.
  • Undercover car parks, apartment buildings.
  • Infinitely adjustable 2 axis positioning (wall fitting) Swivel Bracket.
  • Fully framed mirror with aluminium laminate back (ACM).
  • Mirror face manufactured from 2mm 'optical grade' acrylic.
  • Zinc Plated Steel Fittings.
  • Inline (2 hole) mounting - suitable for fixing to studs, pallet racks.
  • Easy installation, low maintenance.

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