Ecoblast Air Horn
Ecoblast Rechargeable Air Horn
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Ecoblast Rechargeable Air Horn

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Key features include:

The Ecoblast rechargeable air horn may be used for raising an alarm in the event of an emergency evacuation. 


  • Emits a powerful 115dB signal
  • Refill valve allows recharge using the included mini air pump, bicycle air pump or air compressor
  • Refills via a recessed valve in the base of the horn
  • Aluminium alloy body
  • Safe for the environment – no harmful or dangerous gas
  • Can be safely stored - no harmful or dangerous gas - Just AIR
  • Operates in most weather and temperature extremes
  • Also available as a kit with mini air pump 
  • An essential fire evacuation accessory

Keep an Ecoblast Air Horn on Hand

Want to give your team the equipment they need to quickly and safely move a crowd? In an emergency response situation, every minute counts when it comes to notifying and moving your people to safety.

So that your emergency response leaders have access to the gear they need, we recommend outfitting your emergency response kit with a rechargeable air horn. With a fantastic, fast, and easy-to-use airhorn, great in low visibility areas, you can make sure emergency response personnel can quickly raise the alarm.

A rechargeable and refillable air horn (using air, not harmful gases or chemicals), and operational in extreme conditions and temperatures. Talk to your Proactive Group account manager about outfitting your personnel with an Ecoblast Air Horn today.

We accept purchase orders from Government Departments & Schools