Unisex Braille Sign 'Disabled Toilet Right Hand'

Braille Sign 'Disabled Toilet Right Hand'

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Key features include:

Product Description: This Braille sign is designed to indicate the location of a Unisex disabled toilet to the right with the text 'Unisex Toilet RH'. The sign also includes Braille text for accessibility. The sign is made from durable materials and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

  • Clear and easy to read text and symbol
  • Braille text for accessibility
  • Durable materials suitable for indoor or outdoor use


  • Provides clear and accessible signage for disabled toilets
  • Helps to ensure that disabled individuals can easily locate and access appropriate facilities
  • Durable materials ensure that the sign remains in place and visible for an extended period of time.

Braille signs communicate instructions and information to disabled, blind and near-blind members of the public.

Braille signs comply with BCA 2011 Volume One, Section D3.6, of the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standard AS 1428.1. All buildings approved after 1 May 2011 must display either left hand or right-hand transfer.