First Aid Kit Restocking & Servicing

Keeping you First Aid Kit serviceable and stocked is extremely critical. This is usually forgotten in the day to day running of the business and can lead to a disaster in the case of a workplace accident. Proactive Compliance offer a range of First Aid Kit servicing and restocking solutions to suit every business size, every size kit and every requirement leaving you valuable time to run your business and stay compliant with latest WHS regulations and requirements.

Proactive Equipment schedule restocking and inspection visits as regular as required, usually every 6 Months as a minimum and in can be increased if required in higher risk applications.

Proactive Equipment also offer an emergency refill service to come and restock your first aid kit immediately after being notified of an incident at your site.

Proactive Equipment also stock a wide range of First Aid Kits for every application and industry.

Contact Proactive Equipment today to book your First Aid Kit Restocking or Servicing on 1300 553 371 or

First Aid Kit Restocking
First Aid Kit Restocking 2