What light pattern LED Forklift Safety Light should I use on my forklift?

There are 4 standard light patterns commonly available for forklifts in Australia. These include:


Directional Travel Lights project an arrow onto the ground and are commonly used in tight aisles to project an arrow approx. 4 meters in front of a forklift to show there is a forklift exiting the aisles and which direction it is traveling. These lights are also very common for use on Combi Lifters and Robot machines where they are slower moving and use larger areas to manoeuvre.


Typically, a HALO Arc Light is used for smaller machines to project an arc onto the ground around the rear area of the forklift. These are suitable for up to a 4-5ton forklift or mobile powered equipment. They are generally only one fitted per forklift and can be used as a budget friendly item.


Typically, a Line Light is used for larger forklifts to give greater control over the line being projected onto the ground. This is achieved by having individual lights and each light being individually adjusted to suit the requirements and distances of the specific forklift. Line lights are also used where there is a requirement for a light to cover the area on each side of a forklift.


A Warning Dot Light gives a general area around a forklift and is commonly used where there are few people operating in an area or the machine is an odd shape, and a line light will project the wrong distances onto the ground. An example of this is where the mast interferes with the beam of a Line Light, Warning Dot Lights can be setup on the front of the forklift, so they will shine each side of a mast and therefore won’t project the line onto the mast. Warning Dot Lights are also used where a guide is needed such as when pallets are being lined up in a specific way. You can aim the light at a specific spot and place a pallet there, thereby using the dot as the guidance system.


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  • Do you know the difference between the LED lights and a Forklift Pedestrian Detection System when it comes to separating pedestrians and mobile plant?

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