What is ISO9001?

ISO 9001 is an internationally recognised standard, developed by the International Standards Organisation that provides the basis for a structured business management system. The standard is designed to provide a structured approach to implementing processes and procedures that contribute to consistent product and service delivery and improve customer satisfaction.

Although ISO 9001 is called a Quality Management standard, it applies to all businesses across all industries from a florist shop to a manufacturing plant.

ISO 9001 is often required by customers and suppliers to verify that a business has policies, processes and procedures that will be able to satisfy their requirements.

The standard is based on seven elements:

Context of the Organisation – knowing who we are and where we fit in the market;

Leadership – demonstrated leadership and commitment by management to the system;

Planning – structured approach to the planning of business processes;

Support – determination and provision of the resources required to produce quality products and services;

Operation – planning and control of the organisation's processes;

Performance Evaluation – monitoring and measurement of processes;

Improvement – collection and analysis of data for process improvement.

Implementation of ISO 9001 improves business processes, increases customer satisfaction, adds value to processes resulting in significant cost savings and contributes to business scalability.

ISO9001 can be implemented whether or not certification is required.

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