Why Are Pre Start Checks Important in 2023?

Plant and equipment can be a safety hazard in the workplace if not operated correctly and maintained as per the manufacturer's recommendations.

Equipment pre start check books and maintenance records are an important part of work, health and safety due diligence. In the event of a serious incident the regulator and investigators may request pre start checklists and maintenance records as evidence of a PCBU taking 'reasonably practicable steps to ensure a safe workplace'.

Equipment deteriorates with use and even if regular servicing is carried out, problems can arise due to wear and tear.

In addition to this multiple operators of the same plant and equipment may result in plant and equipment being shut down at the end of a day with faults that have not been reported.

Every operator has a responsibility to not only take care of the equipment they are operating, but also to ensure that the equipment is fit for purpose before commencing work by completing pre starts.

One way of doing this is to take 5 minutes to check the equipment before commencing a task. A few minutes spent checking fluid levels, guards and casings and general operation will increase productivity and assist in ensuring a safe workplace.

If faults are found they should be assessed by a competent person, and if necessary the equipment isolated and tagged out to prevent use until it is repaired.

Our range of plant and equipment, pre start checklists and maintenance logbooks have been designed by industry experts with many years experience assisting clients with compliance obligations.

Logbook kits include a pre start checklist and maintenance logbook, handy water resistant pocket with velcro for attaching in a convenient place, and 'Out of Service' tags with ties to attach to faulty equipment.

Contact us  if you require a solution that is not available in our standard range or to discuss your WHS requirements.



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