SafetyTac® 2.0 with Armor Technology

SafetyTac® 2.0 with Armor Technology

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Key features include:

SafetyTac® 2.0 is designed with ARMOR technology to withstand the toughest industrial conditions. The harder, denser material used in SafetyTac® 2.0 allows it to hold up to intense traffic, and the tape has advanced pivot resistance so forklifts and other equipment can turn directly on the tape without causing damage.

Triple-stage tapered edges make it possible for heavy machinery to easily slide over the tape, and it won’t shatter, even when a heavy object is dropped on it. Like standard SafetyTac® tape, SafetyTac® 2.0 is also resistant to wet conditions and chemical spills.

This product has is available to order, allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery. Installation service available.

Key Features

  • Triple staged edges - the advanced tapered edging of this tape allows even the heaviest materials to move freely over your floor markings.
  • SafetyTac®'s low profile allows it to sit smoothly on your floors, so it will not create a tripping hazard.
  • Shatter Resistant - despite being made from a dense material, this tape is engineered not to shatter even if heavy objects are dropped on it.
  • Advanced Pivot Resistance - this tape's flexible and resilient material prevents damage when heavy equipment turns or pivots on it.
  • Easy to Install - applying SafetyTac® tape to the floor is simple. Remove the backing, lay the tape on the floor, and press it down. No dry time required.



Thickness: 1.8mm peak thickness
Edge: 0.13mm/0.26mm/0.38mm triple-stage taper
Surface: Smooth, slip-resistant finish for easy cleaning
Material: ARMOR Technology™ PVC composite
Adhesive: Reinforced dual-sided cloth adhesive
Adhesive Color: White
Liner Color: Blue
Application Temperature: 4.5°C to 32°C
Service Temperature: -18°C to 54°C

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