SafetyTac® Glowstripe Floor Tape

SafetyTac® Glowstripe Floor Tape

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Key features include:

Proactive Group Australia supplies a range of SafetyTac® Glowstripe Floor Tape to industries Australia wide. They are designed to suit every workplace.

Available in 4 colours, SafetyTac® Glowstripe will allow you to mark your facility with both a coloured floor tape as well as a glow strip all in one tape. This floor marking tape is 100mm Wide and includes a 25mm stripe of photo-luminescent material down the centre which glows brightly in the dark allowing lines to be visible in the case of an emergency, power outage or other situation where a glowing line might be helpful.

SafetyTac® Glowstripe is made from durable material with tapered edges, a matte finish, can withstand forklift and other traffic, and a rubber-based adhesive that sticks to a variety of substrates. These design elements enable SafetyTac® Glowstripe to survive for a long time in the industrial workplace.

** Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery **Details:
  • 4 Colors Available: Yellow, Red, Green, Blue
  • 100mm Wide x 15-meters Long Roll
  • Glow stripe down the middle is 25mm wide

Order online today with Proactive Group Australia and we will dispatch your SafetyTac® Glowstripe Floor Tape or Contact us on 1300 553 371 to discuss your requirements.

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