LabelTac® Metal Detectable Label Supply

LabelTac® Metal Detectable Label Supply

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Key features include:

Proactive Group Australia supplies a range of LabelTac® Metal Detectable Label Supply to industries Australia wide. They are designed to suit every workplace.

Made with durable material, LabelTac® Metal Detectable supply is also washdown resistant. Designed to handle the harsh cleaning environments of food processing and beverage industries. This label supply is manufactured with metal detectable particles to prevent contamination of foreign debris in the production process.

Capable of being detected by commercially available metal detectors:
Individual detection levels will vary based on detector set up, we recommend testing labels with your detectors before installation.

Outdoor Life Rating 6 Months
Optimal Temp. Range -40° to 180°
Min. Application Temp. 40°
Thickness 7.0 mil
  • Rated Outdoor Life: 6 months
  • Min. Application Temp: 40°F
  • Service Temp: -40° to 180°F
  • UV / Chemical / Smear Resistant
  • Thickness: 7.0 mil
  • Shelf Life (unused): 1 Year
  • Durable Polyester Material

Order online today with Proactive Group Australia and we will dispatch your LabelTac® Metal Detectable Label Supply or Contact us on 1300 553 371 to discuss your requirements.

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