LabelTac® Extreme High-Temperature Supply

LabelTac® Extreme High-Temperature Supply

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Key features include:

Proactive Group Australia supplies a range of LabelTac® Extreme High-Temperature Supply to industries Australia wide. They are designed to suit every workplace.

Run your labelled products through a furnace and have them come out still clearly labelled. This product is designed with a long-lasting adhesive for use on extremely high-temperature surfaces or high-energy surface plastics. This product is also ideal for laboratory and medical workplaces where intermittent heat exposures may occur.

  • 125' per roll
  • Up to 4” wide
  • Very durable white topcoat
  • UL recognized under UL 969 - UL File No. PGJI2.MH16635 Printing Materials - Component
  • Sustains intermittent temperatures up to 750°F (398°C). Sustained temperatures up to 500°F (260°C)
  • Autoclavable
  • Smear and abrasion-resistant

Order online today with Proactive Group Australia and we will dispatch your LabelTac® Extreme High-Temperature Supply or Contact us on 1300 553 371 to discuss your requirements.

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