Heavy Duty Label Protectors

Heavy Duty Label Protectors

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Key features include:

Proactive Group Australia supplies a range of Heavy Duty Label Protectors to industries Australia wide. They are designed to suit every workplace.

Industrial settings can be tough, harsh environments for labels. Clear, heavy-duty label protectors are built with tough, industrial-strength material to combat forklifts, foot traffic, pallets, and the other usual suspects for wear and tear in facilities. Heavy-duty label protectors & barcode label protectors are easy to install and their strong adhesive means they’ll stay secured in place. Since labels are such a crucial part of a visual workplace, these protectors are a must. Visual communication is a vital part of any safe, efficient workplace, but labels are only useful if they’re readable. Heavy-duty label protectors ensure that visual communication can do its job for a long time.


• Peel & stick
• Tough, clear material
• Industrial adhesive

Order online today with Proactive Group Australia and we will dispatch your Heavy Duty Label Protectors or Contact us on 1300 553 371 to discuss your requirements.

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