Dome Mirror Indoor Quarter

Dome Mirror Indoor Quarter

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Key features include:

Quarter dome mirrors are ideal for broad view observation providing over 90 degrees of vision. Quarter domes are discreet and fit between the ceiling and corner junction of 2 walls and provide 90 degree vision horizontally and directly below the mirror.

Key Features
  • Indoor applications - Where a discreet installation is desirable or lack of space excludes a convex mirror.
  • Office General - Blind corners in corridors, reception areas, hospitals, waiting rooms.
  • Warehouse or Industrial use indoor - We recommend a convex mirror as the better choice.
  • Child Care Centres - observation of children in day rooms, bathrooms and for DHS Compliance.
  • Light weight design.
  • Mirror face manufactured from 2mm 'optical grade' acrylic.
  • Install to corner ceilings.
  • Dome Capped Screws supplied for fixing directly to the ceiling.

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